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Our Story


Part 1
Getting more than we bargained for

Bohol Designs began after the founders purchased (what they thought was) their dream house. Sadly, they slowly uncovered problem after problem with their new home.

As they called in multiple contractors (all of whom had different analyses and significantly different pricing options), they began to feel that the building support and contractor industry lacked professionals who could consistently deliver quality work at the right price.

In 2013 their plans were accelerated when the Bohol earthquake devastated the province and many of their friends and colleagues needed help rebuilding their homes.

Part 2
A desire to do things right

 To fill that gap, they began assembling some of Bohol’s finest building talent and offer clients personalized support for recovery after the earthquake that didn’t need to cost the earth. Bohol Designs was born.

Since starting the company, the founders encountered design and build problems clients were having with their existing properties. Some designs did not factor in site conditions and maintenance was either difficult and / or expensive. Newly built homes needed repairs or modifications; while others resulted in expensive operating and maintenance costs.

These situations further convinced the team that there was a need to provide high-quality services and builds in Bohol that could stand the test of time.

Part 3
Building the road to today

Bohol Designs first started renovating houses for friends and family. Since then, it’s expanded to offer a range of design and build services for clients. To date, we’ve built eleven houses from scratch, delivered four renovations, two extensions, three resorts and a great deal of repair and maintenance work.

 Every member of the Bohol Designs team is fully focused on designing the house you want; built for Bohol’s tropical conditions; delivered on time and on budget.

 Through our own personal and professional experiences, we know all the important considerations that must be factored into a build. Which is why we say that we build it right, right from the start.

 We hope to have an opportunity to work with you and share more of what we’ve learned about building on lovely Bohol.

Client Testimonials

“Bohol Designs did a first-class job finishing my home. Everything I entrusted them with was done on time and to the agreed specifications. The team even cleaned up every day. They are a very professional firm operating in the construction industry here in Bohol.”

Expatriate Home Owner, Eastern Bohol

“We felt right about Bohol Designs after our first face to face meeting. Unlike the other companies, they listened to what we wanted, and asked about our expectations rather than bragging about the experience and cheap material prices. They spoke of success in terms of client satisfaction and that resonated with us from beginning all the way to the finished product which ticked all our boxes – we now have a beautiful functional resort that is waiting for the COVID-19 impacts to clear and we will be up and running again”

Resort Owner, Panglao Island

"Highly recommended building company that delivers – at first we were in doubt over the planning process, having saved and planned for 5 years we just wanted to build, but as we look back the two months planning ended up saving us about 25% of our budget and at least six months and  lot of headaches and decision making. The only downside was we came over budget, but that was our fault. I added a sunset balcony at the last minute and that meant I couldn't say not to a fully designed kitchen!

Retirement Home Owner, Northern Bohol

""Thank you to the team of Bohol Designs, I fully recommend you and will be back when I’m ready for the next phase."


-Engineer, Tagbilaran City

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