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About Us


You’re a highly motivated person with a plot of land and a vision for the house or business you want to build on that land. But you can’t build it by yourself!

Which means you’re looking for a team of professionals you can trust to truly understand your vision and deliver a high-quality build that’s on time and on budget.

We’re here to make that dream of yours a reality!


Bohol Designs is an independent, dynamic construction company focused exclusively on designing, building and renovating unique, high-quality, durable and comfortable spaces on the island of Bohol.

We specialize in retirement homes, AirBnb annexes, resorts and small commercial buildings. Explore examples of our work here .

Our company was established close to a decade ago and is Boholano born and bred with a team of highly skilled and reliable local builders, planners and managers. We take great pride in consistently delivering quality work that keeps our clients coming back for more. Learn more about how we got started doing this work here .



We guarantee a top performing, prompt and hard-working team that is cost-effective and efficient (we do not waste your time or money).

For each client, we customize the mix of architect, engineers, workers, masons and skilled artisans to ensure the job gets done properly. Learn more about our planning and building process here [link to planning process page].

Every member of the team is 100% focused on designing the house you want, built for Bohol’s tropical conditions, delivered on time and on budget.

Through our own personal and professional experiences, we know all the important considerations that must be factored into a build.

Which is why we say that we build it right, right from the start.

Client Testimonials

“Bohol Designs did a first-class job finishing my home. Everything I entrusted them with was done on time and to the agreed specifications. The team even cleaned up every day. They are a very professional firm operating in the construction industry here in Bohol.”

Expatriate Home Owner, Eastern Bohol

“We felt right about Bohol Designs after our first face to face meeting. Unlike the other companies, they listened to what we wanted, and asked about our expectations rather than bragging about the experience and cheap material prices. They spoke of success in terms of client satisfaction and that resonated with us from beginning all the way to the finished product which ticked all our boxes – we now have a beautiful functional resort that is waiting for the COVID-19 impacts to clear and we will be up and running again”

Resort Owner, Panglao Island

"Highly recommended building company that delivers – at first we were in doubt over the planning process, having saved and planned for 5 years we just wanted to build, but as we look back the two months planning ended up saving us about 25% of our budget and at least six months and  lot of headaches and decision making. The only downside was we came over budget, but that was our fault. I added a sunset balcony at the last minute and that meant I couldn't say not to a fully designed kitchen!

Retirement Home Owner, Northern Bohol

""Thank you to the team of Bohol Designs, I fully recommend you and will be back when I’m ready for the next phase."


-Engineer, Tagbilaran City

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